Pickeld things and the eye in London


I love the London tube system, it’s so easy so find your way around. Even with a problem on the line I was going to use I still found my way to the Natural History Museum without any trouble.

And, they have underground walkways from the stations to keep you out of the terrible weather.

But, they also have school holidays…… not the best time to go to the Natural History Museum – didn’t think that one through very well did I?

Natural History Museum, London

Natural History Museum, London

I was visiting for the building, not the contents, but I found some interesting displays as well as plenty of stunning architecture. Just goes to show you should always approach things with an open mind doesn’t it?

So, after a few hours  there I braved the wind and rain again and found my way to Westminster. Rather than go looking at the Abbey I walked across the bridge to Southbank for a ride on the London Eye.

As I crossed the bridge an old gentleman started playing the bagpipes, he was so cute in his kilt and special hat with an overcoat on because it was so cold. But I also felt sorry for him if he is busking in such terrible weather to make ends meet, or it would be nicer if he just loves performing and it makes him happy. Either way I gave him some pounds for the enjoyment he provided.

Bagpipe busker near Westminster, London

Bagpipe busker near Westminster, London

The line-up to buy tickets was longer than the line to go on the ride itself. I happened to be behind a family with a small boy in a wheelchair and in front of an older couple with their grandson so I’m not sure if they thought we were all together or not but we had the pod to ourselves. All the other pods had probably 12 to 15 people in them so we  felt rather priveleged and had a lovely time swanning around taking photos wherever and whenever we felt the urge.

The rain was only on and off and didn’t affect our views too badly, the company was fun and even though it’s a totally touristy ride I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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5 responses to “Pickeld things and the eye in London

  1. Merv

    The weather looks great seems that you are in the tourist mood great stuff


    • Really, the weather has been awful, cold, windy and rainy most of the time but today way beautiful. Must be the great camera I am using that makes the weather look good! Bloody Natalia just about killed me yesterday walking all the tourist sights – thank goodness she was busy doing other things today.


  2. Sarah

    I must say that receiving this blog update at 6am when I woke up this morning really did not help my struggle to get out of bed!!! First day back at work for the term and I had to endure the pain of reading all about your wonderful weekend in London!!! Just kidding. Glad to see you are having a great time Ma Ma xxx Love you.


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