London – at last

Wednesday 10th April 2013

I must be getting old, I really didn’t handle the flights very well at all this time. I had a middle seat in a row of three on the first leg so my sardine comment was very accurate. My aisle seat on the Dubai to London leg was great but by then I had a killer headache and nothing apart from strong painkillers and a good sleep was going to fix it.

Even though I felt like s#%t I was thrilled to be able to find my way to Natalia’s place in Leyton via the London Underground.

I always thought the “tube” was completely underground – but, no, it goes under and above ground.. There you go, that’s my piece of useless information for the day.

I also saw may first red double decker London bus from the tube and was all excited.    Then I saw another fifty and it wasn’t so exciting anymore but I would like to try and   sketch one.

Poor Natalia, I felt so bad, I was terrible company and could hardly keep my eyes open once I got here. I finally put her out of her misery and fell asleep after a couple of hours.


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2 responses to “London – at last

  1. Carolyn

    Good on you, Julie! Red buses, the Tube, Spitalfields(!!!) and walking!! You just take it all in and keep sharing. I looked up Leyton and noticed it was in the East End and thought “Oh, heavens, she’s in the East End” where so many of my forebears trod the streets. Talk about envy! Wonder if Natalia knows of “the gentle author”?
    Stay well……………Carolyn xx


    • Don’t think Natalia would know about “the gentle author” but she loves living in East London. Thought you might like the Spitalfields mention. Going to take time out this evening to do a post or two, I’ll be looking for a holiday already the pace we’ve been going.


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