A good find – Somerset House


I hadn’t thought how I was going to fill my afternoon until Natalia finished work at 6 so wandered along Southbank for a while then crossed the Thames again and came across a place called Somerset House.

I’m sort of kicking myself now as there was a  Picasso exhibition that I was too stingy to pay to see – don’t you hate that? You make a decision about something then later on think you should have done the opposite. Oh well, if I’m not completely over art exhibitions when I pass through again on my way to Europe I’ll go see it. I think it runs until the end of May.

But I did spend a good couple of hours taking in the Landmark: Fields of Photography exhibition.The collection is loosely landscape based but you won’t find your average landscapes here, there’s some pretty amazing pieces amongst them.

As per usual with me, I’d have a hard time deciding whether it was the exhibition or the building that fascinated me most. It’s an absolutely huge but quite lovely building built around a central square. The square has 55 fountains sprouting from the ground and apparently in winter is  used as an ice skating rink.

The courtyard of Somerset House, The Strand, London

The courtyard of Somerset House, The Strand, London

As I was making photos in the square a couple walked by who caught my eye – they looked just how I imagine Londoners dressed many years ago. I love seeing old people wearing what we’d class as vintage clothing but to them are just their normal clothes. Ummmm, maybe I’d better be careful here – I could be one of those people sooner rather than later!!

A great coffee, a piece of home-made cheesecake, a seat outside overlooking the Thames towards the London Eye, weak sunshine with no rain or wind, a magic way to top off a lovely visit.

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