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2nd & 3rd January 2016

Arrived in Trinidad in the afternoon with time for a wander around and a sketch, it’s full of character and characters. Staying at a casa particular, Casa Lola, which is a really nice change and something I’ve been looking forward to the whole trip.

Vlad offered to take anyone who wanted to go to the casa de la trova, only Jenny, Tanya and I went along. We chatted to a few random people there and I trotted of to buy somce cigars – Montecristos – apparently they’re the ones Che Guveura used to smoke! We also met a girl from NZ who was over staying with a Cuban guy she had met on a previous trip, boy they could dance, they took us to the plaza mayor where there was more music and dancing. Manuel & Gina bought a bottle of white rum and a couple of small cans of lemon squash – that was drinks sorted for the rest of the night!!! We tried to give them money but they said as a local the price for Manuel was cheap as chips.We had an absolute ball but no idea how to get back to our casa. With much laughter, pantomime and sketchy Spanglish we eventually found someone who pointed us in the right direction and we arrived safe and sound. It’s just so laid back and friendly here, everyone is happy to talk to us and include us in their lives.

After our late night the three of us opted out of the activities the next day. Slept late, had lunch with Jenny & Tanya then did a bit of shopping and a sketch. Met up with Manuel & Gina who invited us back for more dancing and music in the plaza.

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Good times and not so good on the way to Camaguay

31st December 2015

Off to Camaguay this morning with a stop at the church of El Cobre dedicated to the Virgin of Charity. We were in the foothills of the Sierra Maestra which brings to mind the revolution again, this is where Che Guevara and fellow revolutionaries were based forĀ  some time.

Had a great stop on Bayamo where we were treated to more music and dancing at the Casa de la Trova. I particularly loved an old guy who gatecrashed the party and was dancing on his own just near the entrance, he was a classic!

Lunch at a nice old hotel, the Royalton, state owned so not very appetising but the building was cute. Settled myself in the park and started a sketch of a church after lunch before we hit the road again. We got to within 7kms of our next stop of Las Tunas when a cow ran across the road in front of the bus!!! Sadly our driver had no chance to stop and the poor cow bounced up and off the windscreen. Well, that started a bit of trouble, with the man looking after the cow along with half the farmers in the district, the driver and our guide getting rather uptight with each other. Police were called and another bus but it all took a couple of hours and meanwhile the cow was still suffering and trying to get up but just couldn’t manage to move anything but her head.

Was a very quite trip from there to Camaguay, I didn’t even stay up for New Year celebrations!

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