Art in Edinburgh–galleries and t-shirts

6th June 2013

Taking the sun in Edinburgh

Taking the sun in Edinburgh

The centre of Edinburgh really is a lovely place on a nice day, I can imagine it would be awfully cold in winter, especially if the wind was howling up through the middle. The gardens run through the centre of the city, sort of dividing the Old and New Town – I played ladies and had a coffee and cake there this morning while watching the world go by before heading to the Art Gallery.

While I was at the Art Gallery I overheard one of the staff explaining to someone the free shuttle bus between there and their GOMA site.  I’d actually been wondering how to get there, so another problem solved. There was a wonderful thee man band busking outside the gallery while I waited for the shuttle, so even waiting time was put to good use today.

Part of the outdoor land art at Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery

Part of the outdoor land art at Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery

It’s funny how sometimes a grumpy person can make everyone else feel the same way and other times everyone just laughs at them. The guy driving the bus really wasn’t picked for his personality, he had absolutely no interest in anyone or anything on that bus, just grumped every time someone came along to ask a question and drove the bus like a madman. There were lots of half laughs and raised eyebrows along the way, another great people watching episode. Anyway, surprisingly, we all arrived in one piece. Of the modern art museums I’ve visited recently this was probably my least favourite. I’m not sure why but the quirky signs outside grabbed me more than anything else. Caught the courtesy (that’s a misnomer) bus back with mostly the same people and we all commented when we got off that it must have been close to finishing time because his driving was even more speedy this time. Oh well, he gave us something to laugh about.

I wandered in and out of a few souvenir shops back in the city before heading home, what a hard life!!


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2 responses to “Art in Edinburgh–galleries and t-shirts

  1. Fantastic photos! Clear blue skies for the most part. 🙂 Loving the fashion photo with matching shoes and all.


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