I didn’t see the Grand Old Duke of York, just the town.

8th June 2013

The colours are amazing on good days

The colours are amazing on good days

I had a taste of first class train travel today, and I liked it very much. Nice and quiet and roomy, complementary drinks and food, and for some reason, when I booked it, the first class ticket was only £8 more than economy – what’s not to like? I guess the fact it was only a two and a half hour trip was why it didn’t cost much extra for first class, but, wow it was nice for a change.

Cool buildings in York

Cool buildings in York

I also wussed out and got a cab from the station when I arrived, but then went for a few hours wander around the town, so I didn’t feel quite so guilty then. I’m not sure if this is a fitting description, but, to me, York seems a very English city. It’s a university town so that could explain it, but it just seems very tidy and correct and how I expected English cities to be. The people at the B&B were lovely and the town feels the same.

Mind you, it’s a bit like Edinburgh, in that you have to pay to visit most of the interesting places. I bought a 3 day York Pass straight away but will start using it one morning so I get a full three days use. The river banks were full to overflowing this afternoon, it was a beautiful sunny day and they were out making the most of it. I probably take good weather much more for granted than most residents of the UK!



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2 responses to “I didn’t see the Grand Old Duke of York, just the town.

  1. Looks very beautiful mum. Ha ha I remember that tent!!! Love you!!!


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