More easy Paris sightseeing

7th July 2013

Place Charles de Gaulle, Paris

Place Charles de Gaulle, Paris

Off to the Arc de Triomphe today where I took half an hour to actually find how to get across to the monument. But see, there’s usually an upside to these little challenges; I got to see it from all sides, and I found a nice place for lunch. Somewhere around my circumnavigation I came across the steps going down to the underpass, and, wonder of wonders, emerged in the centre of this huge roundabout.

Ahha, I really was there

Ahha, I really was there

Nine euros and quite a few stairs later I was at the top of the Arc de Triomphe looking out over Paris. It’s pretty magical to see from this vantage point, with streets radiating out from every side. Of course the arch is more than just a great vantage point and the museum attached, tracing the building and history of the monument, is well worth the visit. Coming back down to earth again, I happened to be there for a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so that was lovely too.

Josette received another boarder yesterday, a lovely Polish girl, Katarzyna, who is here to attend some art appreciation classes at the Louvre for a week!! How cool would that be, guided study tours and unlimited entry to the Louvre. Musical beds last night – Katarzyna now has the little single bedroom, I’ve been upgraded to Josette’s bedroom and Jo and friend now sleep upstairs in the living room on the futon.

We were treated to a wonderful, fun, noisy evening with some of Jo’s friends – even just one night good food, and great company can make such a difference to your enjoyment of a place. Looking forward to my second week of french lessons without the drama of being sick.


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4 responses to “More easy Paris sightseeing

  1. Love the pics, thanks! 🙂


  2. Paris, the city of light, if only I could have been there too!
    BTW, you look much too young to be a ‘midlife’ person!!


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