House for an Art Lover

30th May 2013

After you’ve done it once, the anxiety is less – that’s the way it’s supposed to work anyhow. I’ m not so sure about that, but I keep plugging away. To get the ‘The House for an Art Lover’ I could get the subway but then the walk had tons of turns, so I took numerous screen shots of the maps, hoped for the best and took off. You’d think after this long I wouldn’t think twice but my tummy still gets all tied in knots doing new things. I keep hoping one day I’ll all of a sudden realise it’s not happening anymore.

House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Okay, enough of the deep and meaningful, I got there without any dramas – I usually do, so I don’t know what all the stress is for. The house is in Bellahouston Park, and was built from plans that Charles Rennie Mackintosh, with his wife, Margaret Mackintosh, drew up for a competition in 1901. His plan didn’t win the competition as some of his drawings were submitted after the closing date. Then the house was built by a charitable organization in the early 1990’s as an aid to stimulating interest in art and architecture.

Drawing for House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Drawing for House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

It was great to see their designs up close, to be able to touch and sit on the furniture, take photos and just have time to take it all in. Everything has been made using as close to original methods and materials as possible and the gesso panels and wall hangings designed by Margaret really are quite special. I’m still amazed at how modern their work was for the times.

I met a couple of Scottish blokes while going through the house and we ended up sitting together for lunch as well. I thought one of them might have been a Victorian when I first saw him – socks and sandals, with jeans! But no, they were both pure-bred Scotsmen. Nice blokes and it’s always great to talk to locals,
I was sooooo tempted to buy something from the gift shop, but once again, I thought about how much easier it is the less stuff you have. That usually does the trick, or else I try and decide what I’m going to dump if I buy something new, that works too!

Interior at Glasgow City Chambers

Interior at Glasgow City Chambers

After another wander through the house I made my way back to the city for a quick squiz inside the Glasgow City Chambers building. Then it was back to the comfort of my ‘hood and the library again, not terribly exciting but good for the soul to have some downtime.


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4 responses to “House for an Art Lover

  1. Carolyn

    Lovely, Julie and sort of comforting to read that your gut isn’t just cruising through all this Alone and Doing It stuff!! I don’t think I could manage, but then …………………?! Adore inside Glasgow’s City Chambers. C xx


  2. Wow! Very eclectic! 🙂


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