Heading for the west coast – of Ireland, that is.

10th May 2013

I really, really did not want to get out of bed this morning – it was so nice and warm and cosy and comfortable. But, that won’t get me around Ireland so off I went again in the little red car.

Today was just about getting from one place to the next, although I did go through Listowel to have a look at the castle, but, guess what? It’s not open for the summer yet!! It was cold and drizzly, not nice for walking the town, so I had a coffee and drove on to Tarbert where I got a smallish car ferry across the river estuary. The weather wasn’t too bad on land but out on the ferry it was blowing an absolute gale. I got out to take a few pics and almost got blown away so spent most of the 20 minute ride sitting in the car.

It only took another hour or so to get to Ennis where I proceeded to get hopelessly lost and had to ask for directions at a random shop. The directions were about 10 turns too many for my brain today and I was just driving around aimlessly when all of a sudden I saw a sign for the Rowan Tree Hostel – I had found it by pure luck.

The hostel seems okay, clean and functional with a decent looking café attached. With nothing better to do I went for a wander to the town – and bought a new pair of pull on walking type shoes – red ones, coz they go faster! I must have been dragging my feet during the last month because both my boots have holes in the toes.

This has been a bloody awful post, sorry, but tomorrow I’m going to see the Cliffs of Moher and have also booked a boat trip to see them from the ocean. Here’s hoping my next post is nowhere near as boring as this.



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2 responses to “Heading for the west coast – of Ireland, that is.

  1. Carolyn

    Thank heavens!! Another post…….at last. Thought you’d almost given up doing them, Julie. Give me all the Ireland you can, please.

    Having homemade pizza and beer with SARAH tonight at Hughenden and to watch the State of Origin!!! Goooooooo, QUEENSLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy those speedy red shoes. Do I say, Enjoy Scotland! or are gone from there???
    Stay healthy…………………. Love Carolyn 🙂


    • More Ireland coming up today I hope. State of Origin already? It’s hearing about things like that, out of the blue, that make me realise I really am on the other side of the world! The red shoes are wonderful – although, I only have 4 t-shirts and one of them is hot pink, I didn’t think that through very well did I, nothing new there though. I’m in Edinburgh until Saturday then back down to England.


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