Ireland – May 9th 2013

Had another huge day driving today – leaving at 7am was probably a good move otherwise I’d still be getting to Killarney at midnight. Being used to driving holidays, I took the long way, minor roads and following the coast. I’d also read and heard that the Ring of Beara was about half a long as the Ring of Kerry and nowhere near as busy so that sounded good to me.

The not working cable car to Dursey Island

The not working cable car to Dursey Island

There’s a cable car that runs from the end of the Beara Peninsular across to Dursey Island that I thought would be cool to catch so that’s where I headed. On the N71 through towns with the best names, Kinsale, Clonakilty, Skibareen, Ballydehob, Bantry, Glengarriff; then the R572 right down to Inchinaleega where the cable car was NOT WORKING!!!! I waited for almost an hour and as there wasn’t anyone to ask questions of, and it was still on the island with no sign of moving, I just cut my losses and left. Is there a pattern emerging here???

I did find another quaint little place in my travels today, it could have been part of either Puxley Castle or O’Sullivan Beara Castle, or not – there were two signs nearby but neither actually told me what the building was. It was rather cute whatever it was.

Unexpected treasures in Ireland

Unexpected treasures in Ireland

So back to my trusty maps and up the other side of the Beara Peninsular on the R572 to the R571 – I do like these numbered roads, makes things quite easy to follow – unless you’re in towns, that is. I was going okay until I got to Killarney and couldn’t get service to run Google maps, but the lovely Greta from Algret B&B gave me great directions on the phone so I arrived not too frazzled.

I never thought I’d say this but the only thing I wanted to do when I arrived (apart from a quick shower) was to go for a walk – after 2 days driving I’m well and truly ready to hit the pavement again. One thing about Ireland so far, at least the rain is just drizzle, it doesn’t soak you in 2 seconds like at home – in case you didn’t catch my drift, it was still raining. I wonder if I’d have enjoyed everything about Algret B&B if Cork hadn’t been such a dump? Well, I did enjoy having a nice place to stay, maybe I’m a bit of a princess after all.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


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5 responses to “Ireland – May 9th 2013

  1. Love all the photos! Stay positive Mum! Next place you go I’m sure it will be OPEN and WORKING. I LOVE the castles!


  2. It does seem quite overcast. Is it always like that?

    I’m like you – after a long drive I love to go for a walk to get the blood pumping again. I’m really enjoying these Ireland posts 😀


    • It was mostly overcast and/or drizzling the two weeks I was there. Normally I’m not much of a walker, but doing this trip on my own and using public transport most of the time, is changing my sedentary ways – and I did miss it when I had the car.


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