Brighton by the Sea


Nerves again – I had to navigate a new route today, although I shouldn’t worry when I have the expert Natalia for directions. Catch the tube to here, change to this line and get off at Victoria – so easy when you know how. And, I caught the correct train to Brighton, yay!!

View from Ainsley House, Brighton, England

View from Ainsley House, Brighton, England

Caught my first English cab too, alas, not a typical black one;  it was the same shape but most of them are painted white and aqua in Brighton. The cabbie was a nice man, helpful with directions and tips about the Netherlands and Belgium too. Also I have to say I’ve made a g00d pick in Ainsley House – tiny room on the top floor but oh so cute and in a great location; 3 houses from the beachfront and close enough to town to walk there. There’s also a park running down the middle of the street, a bit like a traffic island dividing the two lanes of traffic but about 30 metres wide with a fence all round and flowers and grass throughout.While I was waiting for my room to be ready, I spoke with another guest-house owner, Tony, who was there to visit some-one. He, too, was lovely and entertaining; and the owner, Wayne, is a great host.

Not much left of my hotdog!

Not much left of my hotdog!

So, the Brighton Pier is maybe 500 metres from the guest house and was my first stop. And, I learnt a good lesson, don’t expect to buy food on the pier and walk along eating it unless you keep it hidden in a packet. I had no sooner spent a couple of pounds on a hot dog, walked away with it, than a bloody huge seagull swooped and took the lot, cardboard container, breadroll and sausage on the ground with about a dozen birds fighting over it. I didn’t even get a good pic because most of them had taken off again with my lunch before I could get the camera out. I stopped at a place further down the pier and had a hot chocolate and muffin instead!!


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  1. The seagulls on the pier are spectacularly cheeky and have to be seen to be believed!


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