And now for something different – Camden Markets


Sunday was the Venezuelan elections and Natalia and Ricky were off to the city to vote and hang out waiting for a miracle to happen. I took myself off to Camden for a taste of their markets today. To tell you the truth I would just as soon have curled up with a good book but thought I shouldn’t waste time.

Camden London

Camden London

I’ve actually not seen markets with such an alternate feel about them, there were some traditional sort of stalls but totally dominated by the younger grungier types. Of course, I did wander around for a couple of hours, just couldn’t help myself.  Found Natalia a small thank-you gift then headed back on the train to Stratford and some food shopping at the Westfield there. Imagine there being a Westfield Shopping Centre in London – they’re everywhere!!

Looked through Marks & Spencers, and marveled at their food hall. I remember seeing food halls in the basements of big shops years ago but you don’t see them often in Australia any more. Anyhow, caught the bus back to a stop just metres from the flat and ensconced myself on the couch to catch up on some blogging.

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