Lazy day in London

Thursday 11th April 2013

I feel like myself again, thank goodness. Slept until eight this morning and then for a bit longer after I got my phone problems sorted…. I decided not to go into the city though today, will start the touristy things tomorrow. Went for a long walk this arvo – I know, amazing isn’t it, then came back and stated my travel journal with a sketch of the terrace house roofs I can see from Natalia’s lounge-room.

London letter-box

London letter-box

Only took one photo today, and that was on my phone. Isn’t it funny how just the little things remind ou that you’re away from home – London’s letterboxes are much cuter than ours in Australia.

I didn’t realise at the time but I managed to capture a London bus (not very well though) in this pic too.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more interesting news to share. See you then.


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10 responses to “Lazy day in London

  1. Yaaaay! In case you’d like some expert tour-guiding, you might try Isobel, a Blue Badge Guide. Here’s her blog, which I love even though I’m not traveling right now:


  2. Barry

    Hi Julie,
    Good to hear you’re there and found your way to your now ‘digs’ in London.
    Can’t see any ice on the roof tops – don’t know what you were worried about can’t be that cold!!
    Looking forward to the ongoing news.


    • Yeah, it’s actually warming up and not too bad, think it is supposed to get to 12 degrees today – almost singlet and short weather – not! Anyhow I’m off to the city today for some touristy sightseeing, will let you know how it goes. Hope you’ve been receiving my texts, let me know if you haven’t and I’ll try again.


      • Barry

        Texts, what texts?
        No haven’t received any…
        Will send you one to see if it I’ve got the right number.. Now when is it 2.00AM in London our time?



  3. So, London eh? All 6 months there? What’s funny is for some reason I thought you were from the US. hmmmm What are you planning on this trip? Hope you feel better soon.


    • No way London for 6 months. Probably spend about 4 – 6 weeks around the UK then head over to Europe but mainly the western parts like France, Spain, Italy. Feeling fine today and experienced London’s finest weather – cold, wet and windy with a few weak rays of sunshine thrown in just to keep us hoping. All good though, you have to take the bad with the good.


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