What I’ve been preoccuppied with – or why I haven’t been blogging

I haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve been struggling with things the last 5 or 6 weeks.

My job as the Admin Manager  (where I have been for over 13 years) was made redundant  on the 20th February.  I was called into the board room, given the news, asked to hand over my keys, passwords etc, was allowed to take my personal things and was out the door all within 20 minutes.

I have always reported directly to the Managing Director and knew he was a brilliant businessman but that he didn’t win any prizes for his warmth or personality but this was even lower than I had ever seen before. I was shocked, speechless and felt absolutely gutted by the way it was done. I spent the next five weeks beating myself up as to why they would do that, wondering what I had done so wrong that I could be treated like a piece of dirt.

He had a senior partner from the accounting firm that processes our salaries read me the letter saying they were reorganising the company and I was no longer needed. I was not even spoken to, by him, during the termination. Even though he could go away for weeks at a time and know that everything would be run just perfectly, even though in every performance appraisal since we started doing them he has rated me almost as high or as high as the scale goes, even though just that morning he had given me incorrect instructions about a huge amount of money to transfer and I had picked up the error, corrected it and completed the transaction, all without bothering him at all. It’s just totally wrong that you can spend that long working loyally and to your best ability for some-one and then out of the blue they can do that to you and not even thank you for your contribution over all those years or wish you luck or even give you some notice and explanation of what was going to happen.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with my part-timer from there and found out they are going to employ a company accountant to undertake more than I would be able to – fair enough, but why not just explain that to me at the time.

I do feel better now, knowing the why behind it but I’m finding it really difficult to have any nice thoughts about the company or the people who own it – although in a way it has brought my dream of travelling for an extended period to reality.

Long story short, – I leave on Tuesday 9th April for London!!!

I’ve booked a return flight for late October so hopefully everything will go fine and I’ll be away for about 6 months doing the backpack and hostel thing around the UK and Western Europe.

Soooooooooo, I’m hoping spring arrives sooner rather than later over there because the temperatures at the moment are frightening. We’re still having daytime temps of 30 degrees here so I’ll probably have that many layers on I’ll look like the michelin man.

Oh well, if that’s the price I have to pay – bring it on!!


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12 responses to “What I’ve been preoccuppied with – or why I haven’t been blogging

  1. Hate what happened to you but love seeing the sweet lemonade made out of those sour lemons! ENJOY! 🙂


  2. When I got called in to my manager’s manager’s office, I knew it was not good news. So, I wore my aluminum foil hat designed to keep away alien brain waves. Best fun I’ve ever had getting laid off (made redundant). It also happened to have been my birthday. That was three years ago….

    I love hearing that you’re taking life by storm despite this kind of body blow.

    And: yes, courtesy and kindness were to be expected and they failed miserably. Horrible working world we’ve developed….


    • Goodness, worst birthday present ever. At least I was spared that part. We all need one of those tin foil hats at times don’t we. Yes, I’m fortunate to be have this opportunity and I aim to make the absolute best of it. Hope you enjoy it with me!


      • It hurt my managers more than it hurt me that day! And of course, I didn’t make it easy on them. I wasn’t rude, just, well, me! hee hee! and muhahahahaha.

        I am armchair-midlifetraveler, so I will be here. Git writin’! Happy departure in 10 days! wow!


  3. So, of course, the usual: “one door closes, another opens”… “they don’t deserve you” yada yada yada. All obviously correct, but in reality, does little to sooth one’s spirit. I am sorry but envious, all in the same breath. Sounds like you are more than capable of turning this into the best thing EVER! Yah, you. People wonder why I am such an advocate of unions, well, this is a big one. Contracts lay out the how’s and why’s of termination, basically ensuring that people are treated in a humane and dignified manner. I have been fired because the manager didn’t like me, not because I didn’t do an awesome job, cause I did. It hurts like hell. So all the best mid-lifer and I’ll look for you on the road. 🙂


    • Thanks Donnae, yeah some people need a few lessons at times. I know it doesn’t do much good to bitch and moan about it but you’re so right, it really does hurt. And you’re right about the old saying “one door closes, another opens, and I’m going through at a great rate of knots… I only just saw your last post, poor you, it’s difficult enough going back to reality let alone a cold and miserable one like that. It would be lovely to cross paths one day, and, who knows, if we keep traveling long enough it may happen.


  4. Greg badcock

    Have a great time in the UK and Europe Julie!
    I’m looking forward to all the photos and blogs already.


  5. Barry

    We will miss you at 12 Tyrrell for the next 6 months Julie
    Love Baz and Caz


    • Oh go on with you, you’ll be having too much fun in far North Queensland to miss me, and I’ll keep you posted so it will almost feel like being on the road with me too. But seriously, I’ll miss both of you and my little retreats at your place too.


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