Naoussa on foot

30th June 2012

If yesterday was Paros by car then today has to be Naoussa on foot and oh boy did we help the Greek economy today.

Sarah found a handbag range she fell in love with and walked away with two new ones. The story goes that George and Gina were German climbers, they married and had Lucy. One day as they were climbing George died or was killed, I’m not sure which and some time after that Gina started the brand in his memory. Funnily enough it’s called George, Gina and Lucy.

Beaded clothes hanger from Paros

Beaded clothes hanger from Paros

Personally I think the story influenced her as much as the bags did. But then again – we found a store where every piece of clothing was on a hanger covered in multi coloured beads and I’d have to say my purchase there was heavily influenced by the fact that I’d end up with one of the hangers so I guess Sarah is no worse than I am. What did insult me was that she then asked the shopkeeper if she could just buy one of them and he gave it to her for nothing – the advantages of youth!!

Coincidence sure is a funny thing, I have not long ago heard about fish spa’s and today we stumbled on one here on Paros. The couple who own it were both there and had just recently fed their fish but said we were more than welcome to let our legs dangle and hopefully the fish would have a nibble!!

Paros Fish Spa

Paros Fish Spa

They were a totally enchanting couple, we talked with them for almost an hour and the fish did a little nibbling at our feet while we were chatting. It was so very interesting to hear about their life. He grew up on Paros and would like for them to live there all year round although at the moment they still spend half their year in Athens. They wouldn’t take any money from us when we eventually left and invited us to return later for another go because the fish weren’t very active.

Sarah's lunch!

Sarah’s lunch!

What a hard life – lunch by the water, more exploring around Naoussa then back to the hotel for swim, sunbake, siesta then drinks.  Sakis and Stellios were stressed this evening, a large group of Greeks had descended on them and were apparently quite a bit more demanding than we’d been. They’re still trying to get Sarah to go out with them, although I don’t like their chances. We made our usual trek back down town for dinner and amazingly found places we hadn’t seen before – I find it hard to believe with all the miles we’ve covered but there’s probably more still if we only knew. We did call back to our new mates at the fish spa and spent even more time sharing stories of our different homelands and ended up swapping email addresses, we also met their daughter and niece who were just as lovely .

Sakis and Stellios were winding down by the time we got back to the hotel and were in for another big chat – I feel like all I’ve done here is talk, eat and drink.

I’ll be a wee bit sad to leave tomorow, again I’ve had a fabulous time, met some really lovely people and discovered a little bit of paradise I think.


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4 responses to “Naoussa on foot

  1. The pictures are beautiful. I love that beaded hanger!


  2. Sarah

    Love how you forgot to mention that the beaded hangers don’t normally come with the clothing! And the fact was that you were annoyed that I got a hanger without having to spend money! Really we both scored because I don’t think he gave them out freely to anyone normally!!! Gosh I miss Paros xoxox


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