Our “topless” tour continues around Paros

29th July 2012

Lefkes, Paros

Lefkes, Paros

Our little topless car ride all over the island was great, some places we only did a quick drive-by but others we did explore, it’s a gorgeous little island.

After a few wrong turns we eventually ended up in Lefkes, another quaint little village in the hills with the unusual Church of the Holy Trinity. Sarah was behaving like a bogan tourist, running around on someone’s roof trying to find the best vantage point for a shot she was trying to take. Neither of us even realized it was a roof at first – clueless pair we at times.

Paros seems to be very much more a farming island than Mykonos, I’ve seen grape vines, either wheat or barley crops (I can never tell the difference), plenty of olive groves and even little patches of small vegetable crops. Lots more greenery than I expected. We enjoyed our picnic lunch overlooking the stretch of water between Paros and Antiparos, watching the wind surfers do their thing. It would be nice to go scuba diving around here too by the look of the water but that will have to go on the wish list for another time.

Kite surfing Paros

Kite surfing Paros

We went for a walk in Marpissa, taking photos of just about every door and building we passed and probably disturbing anyone trying to have a snooze during siesta time. Sarah kept telling me we would get lost but I was having too much fun to worry about it until she put her foot down and said we had to go back. Oops, we really were lost – no idea where we were in relation to the car or anything else for that matter. Needless to say we had different opinions of which way we should go. I didn’t really have a clue but she wasn’t seeing the funny side of things by this time so I thought I should at least offer an alternative. Finally we found a bar that was open but the guy there couldn’t understand us until Sarah showed him a picture of the old windmills where we’d parked the car – aha, lightbulb moment – and guess what – I was right about which way we should be going.

Probably didn't need quite this big a space

Probably didn’t need quite this big a space

We stopped in at just about every beach and village on the island but Sarah’s tolerance for sightseeing was exhausted by mid afternoon and the pool, bar and our room seemed like a good idea for a few hours. I’m sure I could easily become a fan of siesta time. As if we hadn’t had enough driving excitement for one day we were brave enough to head back to Parikia for dinner. Knowing I’d be driving back in the dark I’m totally surprised Sarah trusted me enough for that. I just love discovering how many ways I can be amused and entertained by simple things – like parallel parking the opposite way. It was strange even after I drove around until I found a spot that would probably fit at least 2 cars our size in before I attempted it.

Enjoying the sunset, Parikia

Enjoying the sunset, Parikia

Dinner was awesome tonight, perched right on the beach watching the sun go down with good food, wine and a couple of entertaining Greek waiters for good measure – what more could we ask for? Deep fried feta cheese balls and pizza won’t help the waistline but then it’s not every day you get to do this. Even though it’s happened everywhere since arriving in Greece, I still get blown away by the hospitality here, complimentary desert wine and fruit after dinner again tonight and no-one is ever in a hurry to kick you out the door.The drive back to Naoussa didn’t bring any dramas with it so bring on tomorrow I say.


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2 responses to “Our “topless” tour continues around Paros

  1. You neglected to mention that you had just a couple of wines and I wasn’t as calm on the drive home from dinner as I was on the way there!! You also fotgot how we begged for a beach front table but then froze and begged for an inside one!! Ha ha loved the feta! Yummy!!!


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