Mykonos – cruising, eating, relaxing and pampering

26th June 2012

Maybe no-one is taking any notice but I seem to have my days out of whack somehow. I know that what I’m writing about today definitely happened on the 26th – not that I’m obsessing about it or anything, much.

Anyhow, after a few early mornings it was nice to have a sleep-in today, neither of us stirred until about 8:30. The buffet breakfast was astounding, it all looked delicious and the variety was huge.

Twinkling lights of Mykonos by night

Twinkling lights of Mykonos by night

We had booked a cruise that left from Platis Gialos (i think) at twelve – missed the bus and all the cabs were busy!! The girls on reception were lovely and eventually got a cab for us but when we arrived at the beach we realized we’d left the cruise tickets back at the hotel. Neither of us had a clue what the tour operator’s name was or even the name of the boat. Eventually we found the right one, after a few offers from other tour operators, just in time though, think they were almost ready to leave without us.

Blue, blue water around Mykonos

Blue, blue water around Mykonos

There were only about a dozen people on the cruise but there were a few who were good people watching value, they gave the rest of us something in common to talk about if nothing else!!

Shipwreck through glass bottom boat - Mykonos

Shipwreck through glass bottom boat – Mykonos

One middle-aged Italian couple strutted around like they were god’s gift to everyone – he probably wasn’t just too bad but the woman was a real piece of work. Looked like she’d had lip fattening gone wrong and wore her bikini top with the neck strings tied around her body instead of around her neck so everyone was copping an eyeful of her nipples all day – not cool at all. Then there were a couple of guys who had eyes only for each other – they preened all day and I kid you not, if they rubbed sunscreen on each other once they must have done it ten times.

One of the quiet parts of Mykonos

One of the quiet parts of Mykonos

The rest of the passengers were nice and fun to talk to, more Italians, some Brits and a couple of sisters who were Argentinian although one lives in London. We stopped a couple of times to swim, had a yummy bbq lunch and a couple of wines, saw quite a bit of the coastline of Mykonos and soaked up the beautiful weather.Even though it was after 5 when we docked it felt like we still had a whole day left to do more. We had a swim and sunbathe back at the hotel and had more treatments at the day-spa before we even went for dinner. The Thalasso Spa Centre is just gorgeous. During our stay we had pedicures, massages and enjoyed the Thalassotherapy pools. There are five pools in one big room, each pool is a different temperature and salinity and contains different minerals or oils. It was great, wonderfully relaxing.

The days are just so long, they never seem to end and it’s soooooooooooo much fun.

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