Day 18 – Last Day

16th June 2012

They say all good things must come to an end, well today’s the day to say goodbye to everyone on the tour. A few of us had a little sniffle with promises to stay in touch so I hope we do. There aren’t many of us staying on in Rome, some had spent time here before the tour started and others are going elsewhere and then coming back later.

If you’re interested I travelled with Albatross Tours on their Italian Grande tour. They are an Australian company and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Everything about the tour was fantastic and exceeded all my expectations and to clarify, this is just my travel diary, Albatross have certainly not paid or sponsored me to write any of this.

Now I’m really on my own – don’t know which emotion is winning at the moment – excitement or anxiety, so I guess the only way to find out is to get out there and start exploring.

Thanks to those of you reading and following my blog, it feels like you’re keeping me company on my new adventures both travel-wise and blogging. Next up will be my week in Rome on my own and then I’ll be joining one of my daughters in Athens for 10 days in the Greek Isles – I think excitement is going to win!!


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5 responses to “Day 18 – Last Day

  1. The training wheels (guides/tour group) are off! Now, enjoy the Eternal City.


  2. Thanks for dropping by and liking me enough to follow my journey. Isn’t it a rush when suddenly (and lets face it, it always feels “suddenly” even if you know it’s coming) you are alone in a strange new world. The heart pounds massive amounts of blood through your brain causing “fear” and “joy” to exist in the same space. Life is suddenly full of possibilities, both good and bad. Just writing about it makes me salivate! Counting the days till Thailand. I look forward to us sharing our stories.


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