Day 17 – Roma!

15th June 2012

Fishing Maiori style

Fishing Maiori style

I had a wander around the town and down to the water for a last few photos this morning before we left. There weren’t many fishermen around but the one I did see was eye-catching, I don’t think he could get any closer to the edge if he tried!

We’ll be in Rome tonight, yay! Our driver and guide look very suave in their suits this morning. Maybe you don’t notice or appreciate little things after a while but it made the day seem special to me. Also the fact that they’ve genuinely been so nice and helpful to everyone gives you a good feeling. Anyhow, enough of the warm fuzzies for now..

For some reason lots of people seemed on edge this morning while we were on the coast road, even the tour guide seemed quite watchful. Me, I was still craning my neck to see everything and hopefully get some photos without reflections from the windows, and I thought Andrea did a wonderful job again. It took longer than I expected to reach Rome but when we arrived on the outskirts we picked up another guide, had a driving tour around and saw heaps of the famous sights. It was a pretty surreal way to first see places like the Colosseum, the Forum and Vatican but was a great introduction and orientation.

First glimpse ever of the Colosseum

First glimpse ever of the Colosseum

I can’t wait to start exploring on my own tomorrow although I’m not sure where to start first there’s so much I want to see. One of the couples in the group have lent me a great little book called Walking Tours of Rome so I’ve been studying that the last few days and my list grows longer all the time.

We had our farewell dinner tonight at a restaurant just across the road from the  Teatro dell’Opera, only a short walk from our hotel. We had a very authentic menu with about 6 courses I think, I keep losing count. Every dish and the wines were delicious, the waiters were lovely and the company was unbeatable, we had an absolute ball.

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