Day 6 – Venezia in the Rain

4th June 2012

Had a great nights sleep in the castle, think I must have been switched at birth or something – I felt right at home!

Typical view in Venice

Typical view in Venice

Did a bit of a panic this morning because I couldn’t top up my phone credit to answer a text from work. I tried to use iMessage instead on the iPad and couldn’t get that to work either, I then tried the email app I usually use to try and email instead but it wouldn’t send so I gave up and went for breakfast – got the priorities right there didn’t I?

Used the good old Hotmail after brekky and it worked a charm so I hope they got the invoices imported they were having trouble with but I guess I will find out eventually.

Off to Venice this morning bright and early, arrived about 10’ish and transferred to St. Marks square by boat for a guided tour of the Basilica and other bits and pieces. Had a great local guide again, this time a woman who liked to give our tour leader a hard time. We toured the Basilica then walked through the back streets to the Rialto Bridge and then on to the Rialto square (I think that’s what it was called). The church bit left me a bit cold but I guess you can’t visit Venice without seeing some of the famous religious things. The Rialto Bridge was a bit the same, they had a couple of advertising banners hung over one side and the other side had graffiti on it so not sure where all the beautiful pictures come from or when they take them.

I feel bad that I’m not more informed but have really caught the travel bug and hopefully next time I travel I will be brave enough to do my own thing so will be able to spend more time finding out the stories of the places I go.

You could hardly move for people but it is a long weekend in most of western Europe and great Britain so there were hordes of holiday makers. Absolutely loved the rest of the day walking the streets either gawking like an idiot at the buildings or looking for gifts for some of my nearest and dearest. Was a bit difficult at times trying to juggle the umbrella, keep my handbag in front and protected, get the camera in and out of said handbag (always remembering to zip closed after each extraction or replacement), take photos and carry above mentioned gifts. I really don’t think the gypsies or pickpockets were out today because I would have been the ideal target I’m sure…

The condom lookalikes??

The condom lookalikes??

A lovely couple who I have been spending a bit of time with had pastel pink and blue rain cover-ups with hoods that had little peaks on top. I thought they looked a bit like a pair of cute little gnomes but one of the men christened them “the condoms” – it was hilarious when he said it totally dead-pan. The whole group then had to take photos of course. They took it all in good fun but we reckoned it was just karma for teasing me so much for being late on Isola Bella!!

We caught a couple of water taxis back to the bus, this time going along the Grand Canal which was great fun and just how you imagine it to be, lots of noise and boats going everywhere and buildings looking like they are just floating on top of the water. I took miles of pics but I think Tony took even more than I did. Back to the castle with just enough time for a soak in the bath and to get dressed for dinner – its a hard life! Another excellent dinner tonight with new table mates, Margaret and Ron, Jan and George and Rita and Tony. We are off to Tuscany tomorrow for, I think, a five night stay which I’d say will be just excellent. It’s almost 1am so I’d best put the next lot of stuff to be charged on the chargers and get some sleep.

I am really having the time of my life and every day at least once I find myself just sitting quietly taking it all in and I think how fortunate I am. I keep finding it hard to believe it’s me having all these great experiences, but I’m sure making memories I’ll look back on happily for as long as I can.Ciao all!

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