No butterflies yet

27th May 2012

Well it’s the night before I leave on my big adventure and still no sign of the butterflies I was sure I’d have by now – that’s got to be a good sign surely! After last years failed attempt to do this trip I think I have made sure I didn’t get too excited this time. I didn’t even pack until yesterday – which was doing Sarah’s head in by the way.

Living it up at the Sofitel in Brisbane tonight and then off to spend the day with Emma & Isaac tomorrow before she drops me at the airport.

I remember seeing my Mum and Dad off at the Brisbane International Airport on their overseas trip when Emma was just a baby. I think just about all of us, our wives, husbands and kids were there to see them go. If I remember correctly it was about 1980 so Dad would have been about 60 and Mum about the same age I am now. They hired a camper van and toured Great Britain, Ireland and Europe for about three months and had a ball.

Until tomorrow night.



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