At Gate 75

28th May 2012

At gate 75 with a few hundred others waiting for boarding. I had a lovely day with Emma and Isaac, lots of phone calls from Sarah and now time to just sit and relax. Jemmya was very busy this afternoon just as we were leaving for the airport and was in trouble for not coming out to say goodbye at the car. Turns out she was trying to finish a special Spirograph drawing for me as a present – she got it finished and it will be the first thing I put in my travel journal.

I had a little talk from Jay before I left about being careful and not trusting strange men! He gave me a St Christopher medal that my Mum and Dad had given him to keep me safe. Apparently it’s one they took on their trip in 1980. It was very sweet of him!

I’m sure there was something else I had planned to say but can’t think what it was now. Anyhow, will go now and check in again from Dubai or Milan!!!



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