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Day 13 – Assisi & Spoleto

11th June 2012

View from outside Assisi Italy

View from outside Assisi Italy

Nice late start this morning – 9am. I asked the tour guide this morning if it mattered if I didn’t go on the tour of St Francis’ Basilica today, he said no but thought I should give it a try to get “a sense of it”. I don’t know what he meant but I stayed with them – guess it wasn’t too bad but I can’t reconcile the story of St Francis forsaking his wealth with the scale of the basilica let alone the wealth in the church as a whole. I will say I took some photos of the square just below the church that I’m pretty pleased with – the terrible weather really helped.

Artist at work Assisi Italy

Artist at work Assisi Italy

After our tour of the basilica it poured rain for a while (was that a message, hahaha?), so I ducked into a café for a coffee and caught up on some messaging. It eased off after a while and the cooler change was nice for walking. I liked the town of Assisi and found plenty to keep me occupied for a few hours. For all my whingeing about tours of churches I ended up buying my grand-daughters a guardian angel bracelet each and my eldest daughter a tin poster with a drawing of an angel and “I believe in angels” on it. I know they will love them so that’s what matters – plus they don’t take up much room – I’m beginning to wise up to the finer points of gift buying when overseas.

on the Ponte delle Torri, Spoleto

on the Ponte delle Torri, Spoleto

On the way back to Spoleto we stopped on the other side of the viaduct so we could walk across it to the town. It’s humbling to think we’re walking across this bridge that is 80 or 90 metres high that was built thousands of years ago,  just gives me shivers at times to contemplate the fact we’re walking in the footsteps of so many others. On a more touristy note Margaret has assigned herself as my own private photographer, she is horrified that I don’t have many photos of myself everywhere we go.  I have started to give in and let her take a pic of me sometimes  even though I dislike posing for them, so today’s one was on the Ponte delle Torri

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