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Visiting someone I know, woot woot!

20th – 22nd June 2013

I stayed the night in Birmingham because it was a bit far to go from Scarborough to my next destination, near Northampton, in one day. I’ve found that here in England, it’s not the kilometres you have to measure by, but the time it takes to do them, it generally takes so much longer than at home. Anyhow, I was heading south to visit with the lovely Elaine, Graham, their two gorgeous boys and assorted animals.

Stowe Wood, Northamptonshire

Stowe Wood, Northamptonshire

Elaine is a distant cousin by marriage, and I just couldn’t visit England and not try to see her. We’d met aeons ago when she & Graham were in Australia, and seeing them again was like catching up with long lost friends, it just felt so comfortable.  She kept me busy for the next couple of days. We drove all over the countryside, walked through Stowe Wood, had lunch at the Old Dairy in Upper Stowe, visited a beautiful church and graveyard, (that I can’t remember the name of), did the running around after boys with school and cricket and met her brother and some of her friends – just for starters!

The 'footpath' between Church Stowe and Upper Stowe

The ‘footpath’ between Church Stowe and Upper Stowe

While I was there I had the unique experience of walking from one village to another through paddocks – something you wouldn’t do in Australia, that’s for sure. I honestly thought Graham was pulling my leg when he was giving me the directions. But I found the ‘footpath’ that took me up hill and down dale (honestly) and came out right where he said I would, without being chased by any animals too, which I thought was a bonus.

Measuring the intended cricket pitch

Measuring the intended cricket pitch

And of course life with the boys is never dull, the day I left, Graham had them out helping him put posts into position for their cricket pitch. Let’s just say, things weren’t going completely smoothly! But it was cheap entertainment for me – and there wasn’t nearly as much friction as I’ve seen with my boys and their father trying to do similar things.

There’s some people who are just born nurturers. and Elaine is one of them, she welcomed and enfolded me in her warmth and I missed her hugely when I left. Sadly, my little visit only lasted a few days before I was on the road again, this time off to Bath.

PS: Bet you’ll like this lot of pics C!

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