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Leaving Paros, but watch out Santorini

1st July 2012

It was a long way down

It was a long way down

Packing - or maybe just thinking about it

Packing – or maybe just thinking about it

Our last day on Paros and we spent half the time packing!! Poor old Kanales was hopping this morning with a full house of Greeks making the staff run around like crazy, it was actually peaceful to be in our little apartment trying to stuff pack everything in our suitcases. OMG I don’t know what we’re going to do by the time we leave Santorini. Apparently my face was priceless this morning at breakfast when I thought about how many steps there are in this place, the fact that reception is at the bottom, we’re at the very top and we have 2 extremely heavy suitcases plus assorted other crap.

Lunch time view from Taverna Glafkos, Naoussa

Lunch time view from Taverna Glafkos, Naoussa

Lunched at a place we stumbled upon one other day right on the beach. It’s quite surreal, you’re wandering around these little laneways and all of a sudden through an open door wow there’s the beach and ocean right there. So different to anywhere at home. It took a bit of finding again and we ended up at their back door but they were so gracious and friendly, welcoming us to traipse through the kitchen all smiles and no worries.  I had the best risotto ever and Sarah had a gorgeous bolognaise – neither of us really should have but we didn’t leave a thing on our plates. Then because of course that wasn’t enough the waitress bought out a couple of little ice-creams. I’d really, really like to say we said “no, no, we couldn’t possibly”, well actually we did say that but then we did eat them because she looked so crestfallen, hahaha!!

Didn't think about this when we were shopping

Didn’t think about this when we were shopping

Anyhow it was back to Kanales to face the big haul down the stairs with our luggage, which we did with just a couple of trips each, much laughter, stops for photo taking and crossed legs (because it was sooooo funny). When Kostas realised what we’d done he was terribly upset, gave us a lecture and wanted to know why we’d do such a thing instead of just calling on him to carry them down. He just couldn’t understand, but to tell the truth even though he carried it all up to the room it didn’t enter my head to ask him to bring it down, ooops. And the fact we were laughing fit to wet ourselves just made him shake his head at us more.

Well, that’s the end to another amazing phase of my holiday, it’s on to Santorini now but I really think I may have found my favourite place in the Greek Isles on Paros.

I’ve taken I think a gazillion photos of doors and building features since I’ve been away, here’s a cool little collection with a few from today’s fun and games, hope you enjoy them.


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