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Not another museum!!

24th June 2013

 Holbourne Museum, cafe and garden

Holbourne Museum, cafe and garden

I decided to walk to the Holburne Museum today, just down the hill, yeah right, it seems much closer in a bus than it actually was! The long walk was a good excuse for an early morning tea at their gorgeous café before starting to look around.

I wonder, if in another hundred years time, museums will be displaying collections donated by people who are alive now? The bulk of the museums items, 4,000 of them, were collected by Sir William Holburne and bequeathed to the people of Bath back in 1882. It amazes me how many of these collections must be around, I’ve seen probably at least 6 examples already where private collections have been the foundation for a city’s museum.

Miniature carving, Holburne Museum

Miniature carving, Holburne Museum

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, there weren’t many people around, I could stand and just look for as long as I liked, without feeling as if I was in the way; and it’s a very diverse collection too. That helps for those like me who get over looking at the same type of thing after a little while! The views from the front windows looking down Great Pulteney Street were some of the best around too, what an address to have had, back in the day.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

I walked into town along Great Pulteney Street and across the Pulteney Bridge, a little like Florence’s Ponte Vecchio, with shops built on the edges. Everywhere you turn over here there’s some great building  or stonework or statues to catch your eye. I’m in awe at the level of workmanship and patience these people must have had.

Short day today, all tuckered out after my over zealous walk this morning. Hope you enjoy the photos.


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