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My gateway to Spain – Donostia San Sebastian

4th August 2013

Decided to spoil myself with a first class ticket on the TGV to San Sebastian as a few of the trains I’ve been on lately have been really crowded and noisy but not in a nice way.

Ahha, I'm in Spain!

Ahha, I’m in Spain!

Somewhere along the line a nice young Irish guy made his way into the almost empty carriage and was in for a good old chat. We were having a lovely time until the ticket person came along and evicted him for lack of the correct class of ticket! Poor guy, he had to go  back to the pleb carriages!!

The stop at  Irun was  a matter of follow everyone else and hope for the best. I didn’t realize but it was the border crossing because I was herded to what I thought was a ticket office, made to produce my passport and get waved on after a really perfunctory glance.

La Zurriola Beach in the late afternoon glow

La Zurriola Beach in the late afternoon glow

Parts of the journey took me along the coast which was easy to take and left me wishing I could stop for a while.  I also found it amazing how the architecture changed quite dramatically as soon as we were in Spain, the overall style of buildings was very different within just a few kilometers. My hotel was just a few streets away from the train station (getting clever!) so I had no trouble finding Pension Ondarra which was rather chic,  modern and in a great spot.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain

I thoroughly enjoyed my couple of days in San Sebastian, explored the beach close by, Zurriola, which is massive and full of people, young and old, playing games, surfing and generally hardly sitting still for a minute. Walked across the bridge to the old town centre and the more famous ones at La Concha Bay and marveled at finding such beautiful beaches only steps from the city and it’s grand old buildings. It surely must have the best in-city beaches anywhere in the world.

There was a great little bar just across from my hotel so pintxo and mojitos were my new favourites although I heard a gin-tonic is a San Sebastian specialty  – maybe I’ll have to go back again to try them!



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