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Things I should write about before I forget – No. 3

Forget to put this in my Portsmouth post; when I arrived back at Ashby’s I let myself in the back door and could hear some-one just about bringing the house down snoring. Another woman was coming in through the front at the same time and we just looked at each other and burst out laughing. The owner, who is rather a large man, but lovely, was sitting in one of the lounge chairs with his head dropped way back dead to the world.

Without disturbing him we sat and chatted for quite a while, she’s an American, travelling alone too and had come the opposite way to me so we swapped stories on where we’d been. She gave me a few good tips too. If someone dodgy looking asks her questions she answers them with “sprecken ze deutch?” and makes out she’s German, says no-one messes with Germans!!! And I can’t remember the others now, hopefully I will, because they were good tips – see, this is why I need to write stuff down before I forget.

Anyhow, we were there chatting for a good half hour before old mate woke and joined us for a chat. Somehow they started talking about little known facts, they said something about there always being a “green man” somewhere in the windows or decorations of cathedrals – strange, I know, and I’m not likely to ever find out if it’s true as churches and cathedrals are not high on my lists. Next thing you know the owner toddled off and came back a few minutes later with two pages printed for each of us with little known English laws; that kept us amused for a good while then.

Just another one of the little things that keep it interesting!


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