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Sorry – I’ve been missing for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been at the McGregor Summer School held at the University of Southern Qld in Toowoomba attending art classes using pen and ink with watercolour and mixed media.

I’m sure my class had the privilege of being taught by the best tutor there, Cees Sliedrecht. Of course having never attended art classes before I have nothing to compare them with but I do know Cees (pronounced “case”) never stopped either demonstrating for the entire class or speaking with and helping us individually. As a complete beginner I was thoroughly entranced by his ability and teaching style and came home having completed 7 paintings with another couple in progress.

Not only did we have some great Australian performing, visual and creative artists as tutors, those of us staying on campus also had the opportunity to meet and mix with like-minded people once class was over each day. I met some truly lovely people, had a wonderful couple of weeks and can entirely understand why they keep returning year after year.

I would love to leave my children and grandchildren something personal showing them the scenes and places that have brought me joy on my travels. Now I’ll  have to find time to practice so they’ll know what it is I was looking at or they’ll be shaking their heads at me again!!!!!

Anyhow, I’ll be back soon to continue the story of our adventures in Greece!


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