Stressa and Lake Maggiore

3 responses to “Stressa and Lake Maggiore

  1. I would have love to have ridden that cable car! Stresa for me was just a brief stop on the way to Bella and Pescatori (via Lake Lugano). We were staying at Bellagio on Como at the time. What a blissful part of the world it is. 🙂
    Are you not blogging at the minute, or have you moved to a new site?


    • Thanks for reading Jo. It certainly is a gorgeous part of the world. As for blogging, I’m very hit and miss – I do still want to continue writing about my travels but the motivation is a little lacking just now. So, no I haven’t moved, just not very regular. Maybe once I can finally get off the job hunt treadmill I’ll get back to it more, fingers crossed.


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