Bordeaux – home of the flashest Macca’s building ever!

Apparently it’s almost 6 months since I added a post – even worse, it’s just over 2 years since my big trip ended and here I am still trying to add it to my blog!

1st August 2013

Hotel Ariane, Pontorson, France

Hotel Ariane, Pontorson, France

I spent a couple of hours sketching in Pontorson before heading south for Bordeaux on the trusty trains again. Well, actually I had to go north first to Caen then south, it was a long day but thankfully still plenty of light when I arrived that evening about 6:30.


And………… I didn’t get lost on the way to Acanthe Hotel, Bordeaux on rue Saint-Rémi.

Talk about a good pick, great price, place and so very cute. I was just behind the Place de la Bourse with it’s Miroir d’Eau and the riverfront with lots of cafes, shops and restaurants all round, wonderful spot to spend a few days.

Place de Bourse, Bordeaux, France

Place de Bourse, Bordeaux, France

Another day, another city and another Hop-on-Hop-off bus – they really are a great way to get your bearings and scope out where you might want to spend more time. I also booked a winery tour for the next day, a tad expensive but I haven’t spent much on that sort of thing; and honestly, you can’t go to Bordeaux and not do a winery tour can you?

I loved the architecture in this city, so many grand buildings and so much history in quite a small area really. It’s not just the museums and theatres that are housed in beautiful surrounds but shops and places like the ubiquitous McDonalds.

Sketch of front of McDonalds building Bordeaux France

Sketch of front of McDonalds building Bordeaux France

Once again I walked my feet off during the first day; visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, envying those dipping their feet in the water of the fountain at the Monument de Girondins, marvelling at the Pont de Pierre and its light fittings, shaking my head at the Porte Cailhau (it was built around 1494!) and the Grosse Cloche and just generally loving wandering the streets of the city.





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2 responses to “Bordeaux – home of the flashest Macca’s building ever!

  1. Good to ‘hear’ from you. All right, you’re back in the Aussie routine. Plans ready to go back to Europe?
    Best regards,
    Fred & Esther


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