I’m baaaaack – AGAIN!

Isn’t it funny how you tell yourself you’re only doing something for your own benefit but then stress yourself silly trying to make sure it’s wonderful? Well, I really was writing about my travels for my own benefit, but seeing as I made it public, so family and friends could have a look if they wanted to, well, of course, then I have to try and make it interesting and give everyone a chuckle or two, and that’s often easier said than done for me. Soooo, because one of my daughters keeps telling me I seem to be having trouble with my memory (could I be just not taking enough notice of things?), and because it’s getting close to a year ago – I’ve decided to try to add a new post more often, even if it’s mostly photos. Doesn’t sound like much of a commitment, but I really do want to try to commit as much as I can to paper computer before I do forget it all. So here goes, travel back in time with me to France last July.

18th July 2013

When I was thinking of doing this trip, one of the things I was most keen to do was living in Paris for a month – I lasted just short of 3 weeks. I’m not sure why, I really tried hard to love it, but I just didn’t. I’m sure my home stay situation and associated tummy troubles had quite a bit to do with it; and maybe the fact I’d been away from home for 3 months didn’t help either. I’d like to come back again though and give it another go because I know there’s heaps more to see and do. I was a tad sad to say goodbye to my little apartment and the tower but Arras and the WW1 battlefields were calling me.

Which way to go?

Which way to go?

I often say to myself, “today I am not going to get lost, I will find my way with no problems” – and guess what???? I found my way from the train station to my hotel with only one tiny weeny itsy bitsy unintentional detour – woot, woot!! I also stood at an intersection looking from my phone to every conceivable spot a street name could be hiding for a while, before a helpful guy at a café took pity on me and called out the street names. So funny, how sometimes you don’t even need to ask, if you look lost enough, someone will help – AND this was France, where they’re supposedly the most arrogant people on earth.

Arras Town Hall from the Hotel Diamant

Arras Town Hall from the Hotel Diamant

The Hotel Diamant was tucked away in the corner of a wonderful big square, the place des Héros, almost next door to the Town Hall. Even though it was only just after lunch, I collapsed on the bed and slept for an hour or so – I almost felt like I relaxed for the first time since arriving in France. Although I love to see the big cities and all they have to offer, it is nice to be out of the rush and crush of Paris, in a small place again where the pace of living is more like home and also where personal security is not such an issue. Feeling quite refreshed after my nanna nap I had a wonderful wander around and found the Grand’Place, another huge square bounded by buildings with the same unusual facades, followed by a mellow couple of hours at a cafe near the hotel having a few wines, some great fresh food and some sketching time.






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2 responses to “I’m baaaaack – AGAIN!

  1. Carolyn

    Mon Dieu!!! Surprise!!!!! The traveller returns…….. Love some of those window security screens, Julie. Enjoy memory lane!


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