Did you know Bath has two universities?

23rd June 2013

I thought I was so clever, got off the train in Bath, walked just outside and down a bit and there was a bus heading to the university, just what I wanted as I had booked a room at the uni for my stay here.

Going to the Bath Spa Uni

Going to the Bath Spa Uni

We headed off and kept going and going and eventually I started to wonder if I had read it wrong and it was going to Bristol university. But no, it didn’t take the Bristol exit from the big roundabout, it took the Bath Spa University exit.

By this time I was really getting as we were miles from anywhere and I was thinking. ‘bloody false advertising’ on the internet, saying it was close to the city.

Then I started asking people which stop I’d have to get off at for the accommodation and just got blank looks. Then one young guy asked me which university I wanted. Oooops, there’s more than one?? Yep, there sure is, and of course, I was NOT at the one I wanted. Ah, it’s a good thing I’d bought a return ticket, so I started my stay in Bath with a scenic tour halfway to Bristol and back again.

Oh well, what’s another English bus driver shaking his head at me; but at least he told me which bus to catch when we got back to the city. But then when I did get to Bath University, I spent 40 minutes wandering around looking for the West Accommodation Office. I’d find a sign pointing one way and I walk and walk then run out of signs and be nowhere. Eventually I found someone who pointed me in the right direction – and guess what, I’d walked past it but the sign on the building was facing the way I was walking so my back had been to it!!! Anyhowwww, I got there in the end.

I really cannot believe how much I saw after that day after the caffuffle of finding my room, I’d put any tour group to shame, I reckon. But…. I’m going to post this little bit because I haven’t posted anything for a while and make you wait with bated breath for the real thing!!!


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5 responses to “Did you know Bath has two universities?

  1. Merv

    Looks like we have gone chandelier obsessed, I suppose everyone to their own. Keep up the good work, miss you and your blogs


  2. Your adventures just getting to your destinations are great to read about. Hee,hee.


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