On the buses again!!

15th & 16th June 2013

Had a day just foofing around Scarborough yesterday and today was ‘on the buses’ again, but this time I didn’t let the bus decide,  otherwise I probably would have ended up in Whitby again! Today I went to Bridlington – at least I think I did.

And how green is England, still can't get over it

And how green is England, still can’t get over it

For a while there I thought I was stuck in a time warp or something, like Alice in Wonderland or Groundhog Day. BTW, not sure if Alice in Wonderland is the right analogy there, it’s a long time since I’ve actually read it, but anyway you’ll get my drift eventually.

Can you guess, what I’ve been doing prior to writing this? Yep, that’s right, writing the last post and having a glass or two of vino!! I’ve worked out how people are happy all the time – they just live in a fog of alcoholic haze, hahaha, just kidding – or maybe not!! I’ll keep you guessing.

Anyhooo, back to Bridlington, or maybe we’ll go a tad further back to one of the villages on the way from Scarborough to Bridlington. Don’t ask me the name, because I have no idea but I was sure the bus driver had amnesia or Alzheimer’s or was looking for his lost puppy, or something. We came to this little place, went left up the hill, right past a really interesting house with cute window, right at a T section, back through town and out the other side then another right and did it all over again – and again!!! Three times we did the same circuit, not joking, and nobody seemed in the least bit perturbed except me.

Then we stopped at a bus stop for a while – and took off again, never to return, I’m sure.  Strangest thing I ever did see.

Amusement park on Bridlington beach

Amusement park on Bridlington beach

Bridlington, when we got there, was a bit like Scarborough, for me. A big amusement place on the beach, even more rides though than Brighton, a harbour, yardahyardahyardah………… It was nice enough and I had lunch at a cute little café, but, you know, it really is just another nice little beachside town. Mind you, I’m not complaining, because I’ve had my entertainment for the day, just getting here. END OF POST!!


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3 responses to “On the buses again!!

  1. nice pics, glad you had a good day (wherever it went via!)


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