There’s more to Scarborough than just arcade games.

13th June 2013

I visited a little art gallery set in the most gorgeous street this morning, the gallery wasn’t overly impressive but the building was wonderful. Then I decided I might as well go see another castle, even if it did mean walking up a fairly steep hill – they all seem to be on the top of a bloody hill, although that’s probably the best position.

This one's for you Richard Chapman

This one’s for you Richard Chapman

I still surprise myself at how much I’m enjoying walking everywhere, it’s never been my favourite pastime, but hey, everyone can change can’t they. I passed the churchyard where one of the Bronte sisters, Anne, is buried as well as the premises of a TL Chapman and Son funeral directors – took a photo for you, Richard!

Towards the harbour from Scarborough Castle

Towards the harbour from Scarborough Castle

Had some tremendous views over both sides of the headland, Scarborough seems to be split into about four or five different parts above the cliffs, below the cliffs and on either side of the headland.

I totally enjoyed the castle, not that there’s really all that much intact now, but I walked right out to the edge of the headland and around it as well. I didn’t seem to do much with my day but it took me all day to do it!!


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2 responses to “There’s more to Scarborough than just arcade games.

  1. steviepreater

    Lovely photos – it looks like a great day


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