Gritty Glasgow

Ambassador Hotel, Glasgow

Ambassador Hotel, Glasgow

25th May 2013

I said goodbye to (and took lots more pics of) cute little Wood Cottage today and headed off to Glasgow, and I decided to catch a cab to and from the railway stations – bugger the expense! It was nice to arrive just after lunch, not feeling frazzled for a change, and my place is across the road from the back of the Botanic Gardens, so it’s lovely and peaceful with a nice view.

At the Necropolis, Glasgow

At the Necropolis, Glasgow

I’d seen the hop-on-hop-off bus stop just down the road so I dumped my gear and took off for a quick circuit. I couldn’t help myself and got off at the Necropolis for a squiz, it looked so interesting. It dates back to the early 1830’s and there’s around fifty thousand people buried there in some amazing tombs – on a hill of rock. I had a lovely time wandering around admiring the architecture, reading the tombstones and of course taking lots of photos. There’s amazing views from the top as well. I also had a quick walk through Provend’s Lordship, the oldest surviving house in Glasgow – it was guilt in 1471 – that’s almost 300 years before Cook discovered Australia – mind-blowing.

Glasgow building

Glasgow building

I think I fell in love with Glasgow that very first day, the architecture, the red stone, the stone turned black from industry, just everything about it.; it’s funny how some places strike a chord with you and others can be perfectly nice or even spectacular and they don’t move you isn’t it? I rode the bus back to the Botanic Gardens and joined a few hundred others there taking in the beautiful sunny weather, I’ve never seen glass-houses like they have there, they’re gorgeous little buildings in their own right, let alone what’s inside.


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4 responses to “Gritty Glasgow

  1. Wow! I love “traveling” with you. Thank you for such great pictures and information. 🙂


  2. It looks like such an amazing place.


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