Helloooo again Britain!!

17th to 24th May 2013

The ferry crossing back to England from Dublin to Holyhead, wasn’t half as exciting as the one going over a couple of weeks ago – smaller ferry, been there, done that, ho-hum! I had a couple of old guys asking me directions when we arrived, I felt like telling them they were taking their life in their hands asking for directions from me – after my track record in Ireland, I think I might be navigationally challenged. I pretty much lost two days travelling as I stayed in Bangor that night then headed up to Kendall the following day. I was also cutting it fine with my accommodation; I only received confirmation about it when I was on the train; it would have been an interesting afternoon if it didn’t work out, wouldn’t it.

Everyone kept telling me I had to go to the Lakes District in England, don’t miss it. Do you know what it’s like when everyone tells you about a place that is wonderful, you should go there , it’s great, yadayada….. and then you go there and wonder what were they on about……  Well, that didn’t happen with the Lakes District – it was wonderful.

The place I was going to, Wood Cottage, was situated somewhere called Yard 26 Kirkland, Kendall. I’d never heard of something called a “Yard” as part of an address and had no idea what it meant. I got a cab from the rail station thinking a cabbie would know where it was; but no, he just stopped somewhere in the vicinity, asked someone at a shop if they knew where it was, with no success, and then he just left me there. I had a few shops as markers for finding the cottage so I knew I was in the general area; I eventually found the front entrance to Yard 26, but it was locked and of course I had no key. I asked at a couple of the shops but no-one could help at all. It’s unbelievable that in such a small place the locals don’t know where an address is two metres away. So, I rang the landlord for further directions; he was a lovely man, but, fair dinkum, his directions were really not good. I know what this sounds like but this time it wasn’t me. I have drawn a totally dodgy mudmap to show you how I had to get there,  (I know, I know, too much spare time) and he didn’t even tell me I had to walk down Chapel Lane!!

Anyhow, Wood Cottage was a gorgeous little one bedroom cottage, with a bathroom and bedroom downstairs and kitchen, dining and lounge-room upstairs and I had a wonderful week staying there. I couldn’t believe the extras they provided, there was bread, fruit, cereal, you name it, it was there – and a glass bottle of milk; I don’t think I’ve seen milk in a glass bottle since I was a kid. I silently apologized to the landlord for whinging about his terrible directions once I had made myself at home. I had a couple of lazy days, read a book, saw a movie, just recharged and enjoyed not having to pack up and move; mind you, I was getting itchy feet again though after that.

Okay, I promise, no more stories about not finding my way – from here on in, I keep them to myself – unless of course they make good reading!!


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4 responses to “Helloooo again Britain!!

  1. Carolyn

    Wow, Julie….. loved these photos of your time around Kendall. The Lakes Dist is really so special, so incredibly beautiful. I’ll forward this post to Nigel and Kiri, as I’m sure they’ll love to hear what your story said.
    Lovely to have a quick chat last night and to hear that you’ve sat with a 3rd cousin on your Grandma’s side. And walked the footpath where the Chandlers had their saddlery etc. So Good!!
    Take care and enjoy the train ride into France. Love Carolyn xx


    • I really enjoyed Kendal and district, I can just imagine Kiri and Nige loving it there. I must admit I was pretty chuffed to meet David and his wife Jo, I can appreciate how people get hooked on family history – but, I don’t have time for that just yet!!


  2. How beautiful! England is on my bucket list to visit, and now specifically the Lake District!


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