My first real castle in Wales!

Another round robin trip today to Pembroke, think I’ve been to some of these train stations three or four times now. You have to keep going back to some of them to get the connections you need, had to change twice to get to Pembroke. I felt like an old pro today, I knew where I had to change, what time my next train was and even where to go when I got there. Except………………. I walked straight past the bloody Kings Arms Hotel; thank goodness they advertised they’re only 200 yards from the castle otherwise I could still be walking!

Teeny tiny stone staircases in Pembroke Castle, Wales

Teeny tiny stone staircases in Pembroke Castle, Wales

The pub had some great features, my room had a fantastic big window seat, the dining room was full of old pots, pans and other bits and pieces, just an all round good place to spend a couple of days. I figured since Wales apparently has more than 600 castles, I should at least have a look at one of them, and for me Pembroke was a good choice. Only a few rooms are furnished, there has been a power of work done over the years restoring large parts of the castle with other parts left in their ruined state. It was full of circular staircases – very tight, cramped stairs and lots of them, leading up, down and along passages, in and out of rooms. Thank goodness there were big holes everywhere so I couldn’t get lost! I was there fairly early, hadn’t seen anyone at all and when I walked into one of the rooms a video started playing and scared the bejezuz out of me; don’t you feel like an idiot when that happens, looking around to see if anyone saw you – even though the reason you got such a fright was because there was no-one else around.

The cavern under Pembroke Castle, Wales

The cavern under Pembroke Castle, Wales

Not content with scaring myself silly once that day I did it again later at the underground cavern. A VERY dark, steep circular staircase leads down, down, down to the cavern – and then f’n birds or bats fly past and scare the absolute crap out of you – I swear, my heart either stopped beating or jumped out of my chest, not sure which, but it was soooooo scary!! Once I got back to the surface – in a hurry, I might add, I sat and did some sketching for ages before heading back to the pub for a drink to help me warm up – hot chocolate, not wine this time.


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10 responses to “My first real castle in Wales!

  1. Merv

    Imagine the amount of people running around in these castles all those years ago, love it


  2. What an amazing adventure! I’ve always wanted to visit a castle 😀


  3. Hi Sis,
    Was beginning to wonder if you had disappeared down a Irish bog hole having not heard from you for a while.
    What I’d like to know is when we will get to see some photos of the sketches you are doing!!
    Love you and keep enjoying your travels

    Baz & Caz


  4. Carolyn

    Thanks for the laugh on you, Julie….. nearly had me scared too!! Those old castles are just something, aren’t they!!? Can you imagine what it costs to restore even one room?
    I’m still patiently waiting for your Irish stories – to be sure!!
    Now in Tville and about to go to Shirley’s for a cuppa. This van park is on the man-made lake almost across from the Castletown Shop Ctr down the road from where I grew up. We have the lake out our kitchen window as we’re on the end of the row. Lucky! Park’s kept badly though. The one at Queens Beach Bowen was just divine. 4 Star but they deserve better. I just loved Bowen – best look we’ve ever had.
    Mind the bats now and the creepy castles………………..ooooooooooo!!!
    Love C x


    • I can tell you I almost ran back up the stairs from the cavern, and that’s saying something. Oh well, at least you don’t have to use the showers and get tinea feet if the van park is dodgy!


  5. Are you letting us see some sketches? Oh go on. Don’t be shy.


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