A few days in Penzance

Had another good walk to my new place today, nice easy directions; just keep following the road around along the ocean until you get to the place called “The Corner House“. And to make it even better I passed the Harbour, a wet dock and a dry dock, the Jubilee Baths and the Dolphin Inn as well as a couple of other hotels with less interesting looks about them.

The Corner House, Penzance

The Corner House, Penzance

The Corner House is a lovely place, and the owners, Diane and Norman, are both wonderful. One day we were talking about the guesthouse and Diane was saying she tells everyone she used to be six foot tall before they bought it but she’s been worn down so far she’s barely five foot now – and then she just about wet herself laughing. I was in stitches laughing at her laughing at her own joke and Norman was just standing there looking at both of us as if we were demented. Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny. Anyhow, their place was immaculate, gorgeously furnished and just perfect.

Morrab Gardens, Penzance, England

Morrab Gardens, Penzance, England

They showed me a way to get to the town through Morrab Gardens that I ended up taking every day, it’s full of sub-tropical trees and plants, and felt a bit like our old Botanical Gardens in Brisbane. The town centre itself has a few streets with different types of shops, one has lots of really old places that are a bit different, the high street has all the normal shops and then Chapel St has the buildings and shops that are a bit special. Not a very good description is it but it’s hard to describe – it’s just one of those places that struck an immediate chord with me for some unknown reason and I loved my stay there.

I had originally booked three nights but after my first day there I extended it for another, and could have stayed longer if I had the time. With a name like Penzance, it would nearly have to be a good place, don’t you think?

St. Ives harbour

St. Ives harbour

I had a few places on my list for this part of Cornwall, and first stop was St. Ives because that’s where the first bus that came along was heading. It became a haunt for artists back in the 1920’s or 30’s and is still full of artists and galleries. I enjoyed a wander through the Tate St. Ives, they had two major exhibitions on, and the building is pretty amazing too. I bought my first souvenir there, a rubber with Tate written on it, a whole £1.50. The Tate also looks after the Barbara Hepworth museum in St. Ives; her work and studio were interesting but I was really taken with what I read of her life while I was there, sounds like she was one very interesting woman who lead an intriguing life.

If there was more white paint around you would think you were in Greece, very cute narrow little streets with buildings all on top of each other and the harbour was beautiful; golden sand and turquoise water. It was also one of the hottest days I’ve had while I’ve been here which made it even nicer. It was easy to spend all day wandering and looking. Not, however, so easy to not buy anything – but, I’m pleased to say I resisted all temptation!


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6 responses to “A few days in Penzance

  1. Kerry Davison

    Loving hearing about your travels and seeing your pics. Adding lots of places to my bucket list. cheers, Kerry


  2. Carolyn

    Hi Julie! We’re now also en route….. to somewhere! Murgon for now for a little visit with Nige, Kiri, Mahana and Tarn.
    Morrab Gardens look alot like Colby Woodland Gardens near Saundersfoot, Wales. Gorgeous! Also some of your pics of Penzance are reminiscent of Tenby, Wales when you walk down to the Tudor Merchant’s House (National Trust). These places have the best beaches in the UK, I think.
    Looking forward to your posts from Ireland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You MUST go to a little Irish pub one night to hear fantastic music. In Dublin, Arthur St John Gogarty’s pub at Temple Bar is renowned for live Irish music.
    Take care


  3. I’ve nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, which is a fun way of building community. You inspire me every single day! Thank you.


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