The consequences of not getting lost

Got the train to Exeter okay, then another to Exmouth and found the way to my new abode – much better at following directions and the blue line this time! Also, this one really was only a 10 minute walk from the station. So, here I am, all pleased with myself at having found it without any drama – try the door, ring the bell, wait, knock on door, wait, look around, wait, ring the bloody bell again – WTF, who does this?, takes bookings and then goes out for the day????

Exmouth beachfront looking decidedly overcast and cold!

Exmouth beachfront looking decidedly overcast and cold!

You know how we think this travelling thing is all beer and skittles? Picture this, I’m standing on the corner of two streets, right across from the ocean, gale force winds blowing from the Antarctic, or maybe it’s the Arctic up here, freezing my hands and everything else off and can’t get anyone to answer the door or either of the two phone numbers I have. Oh, and I sent a text and got no reply to that either.

So, ring, they’re not much help either, she tries the same numbers I’ve tried, and, surprise, surprise, she can’t get any answer either. The girl at asks me to wait a half hour and if we can’t get hold of anyone then she will find somewhere else for me to stay.

Well, what’s a girl to do? Go to the pub of course! Conveniently located just one block back was one of the little English pubs I’ve found to be a good place to eat or just have a drink while researching. This one was called “the Beach” and was really quaint.

That wasn’t too difficult, nice warm English pub, glass of red and when I eventually pried myself out of there – someone to let me in at Ash Hotel, although she did have to make a couple of phone calls to the owner before we got organized with my room. Hmmm, this is why they say to make sure you have plenty of daylight hours when arriving at a new place!

Yay, nice room and free wifi that works, A pub down the road for dinner, I’m set!


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2 responses to “The consequences of not getting lost

  1. Hi Julie,
    well you are really on the move now and heading over to Ireland. Good to hear the tripping is putting up some challenges for you. Nothing like being kept on your toes!
    It would appear to the casual observer that one of the prerequisites for your accommodation is ‘within walking distance to a pub’!!!!
    It was good to have a chat the other night and the clan all seemed to enjoy the evening.
    Keep having fun


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