Day 11 – Lucca

9th June 2012

Church in Lucca Italy

Church in Lucca Italy

I had asked about sending parcels home from Lucca today and yep that was all okay so I bought a couple of bags down thinking I would just pack them at the post office like I would at home. Oops, that’s not how it’s done here. Our tour guide had to get one of the hotel staff to find a carton and tape for me and we packed it there in the foyer. I felt so silly, but the staff were really lovely and the guide said he’d show me where the post office was in Lucca but I just hate putting people out or asking for something out of the ordinary. The post office was a 20 minute walk from the bus and I felt really bad again because he then waited with me and helped with the posting – so, the moral of the story is no more posting parcels home until I’m on my own in Rome .

Daily life, Lucca Italy

Daily life, Lucca Italy

It was actually good in a way to have gone to the post office as I was in areas I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise and I had a map to find my way back to the Piazza San Michele. I had a lovely coffee and cake with Val and we sat and people watched for quite a while. She has been to most of the places on our tour before and I love hearing how things have changed, she remembers really interesting details that bring her stories to life.

It was Jenny and Dorian’s turn to be late this morning. How we all react to being late seems to reflect our personality and I’m enjoying seeing the reactions. They had apparently been walking along the wall around the city and somehow thought they had turned around to come back but were still going in the same direction. It was so funny listening to Jenny tell the story with her arms going everywhere and the dialogue between them as to which direction they should have been going. Good entertainment all round and as long as it’s not me who is late I don’t mind.

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