Day 2 – Lake Como

Tiny narrow streets around Lake Como Italy

Tiny narrow streets around Lake Como Italy

31st May 2012

Another early start this morning – wake-up call at 6:30, breakfast at 7:30 and on the bus at 8am – woah! I was chuffed this morning when the tour guide asked me how I was in Italian, I went to answer in English but then remembered I knew just a tiny bit of Italian and “benne, e lei” was enough to impress him I think. Good thing he didn’t say anything else in Italian or I would have been “huh???”.

We’re off to Lake Como today but one of the other women, Jenny, and I were most disappointed to find out George wouldn’t be meeting us for lunch – soooooo sad. Apparently he doesn’t even live there anymore – just goes to show how out of touch we both are.

We passed through lovely little villages where some of the streets were so narrow they had traffic lights either end so traffic could only go one way at a time. There were also plenty of places where we Aussies were cringing and thinking traffic SHOULD only be going in one direction at a time. Our driver was so calm it was amazing. At one place our bus and a truck going the other way came to a stop then inched oh so slowly forward until they were almost touching – then the truck driver leant out, pulled in his mirror and crawled slowly past us while we just sat there holding our breaths. I don’t know how they do it day after day but our guy was incredible.

First stop was Villa Carlotta at Tremezzo on the shore of Lake Como. The gardens were enormous and the villa was awesome. I had the best coffee I think I’ve ever tasted at the little café there, so different to coffee at home. It’s no wonder Italians drink so much of the stuff.

Tinny on Lake Como

Tinny on Lake Como

We then boarded a boat for a cruise around Lake Como, saw some unbelievable houses – probably should say mansions – and saw one tiny little boat with 2 men and a woman aboard puttering along. It was so funny to see them just lazing in their swimmers out on this huge lake surrounded by some of the most upmarket real estate around.We stopped at Bellagio for a few hours, had lunch and a wander around. I’m still enchanted with the tiny streets and lovely buildings, think I always will be. Also got a few presents for Emma’s girls and Isaac. Then it was back to Stressa, a few drinks, dinner and good company for the evening.

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