Day 1 – Milan to Stressa on Lake Maggiore

Ruins next to La Palma

30th May 2012

I can hardly tell one day from the next at the moment, I have had such a wonderful time. Had a little outing just around the few blocks near the hotel in Milan before I met up with the tour group. Managed to buy water, coffee and a croissant using my Italian which was fun.

There are 30 I think in the group. There is an older gent travelling on his own, probably late 70’s, two women (aunt & niece) travelling together and the rest are couples in the 50 – 70 age bracket and then there is me! I am really pleased I am on my own now, I can hang with any number of people or I can please myself and do my own thing. They are all very keen to include everyone in everything.

Stressa seems a bit like a faded beauty to me, it seems like it was a very upmarket lakeside resort once but now maybe not so much. It was quite busy but lots of buildings seem to have seen better days. There was a property across the road from the hotel with three huge mansions all in massive disrepair, roofs falling in and all boarded up – I absolutely loved them and made heaps of pics. Went down town with the other two single women (Val and Dale) for lunch and a look around. It was so just what I was hoping it would be like, all little cobblestone laneways and bits and pieces all over. Stopped for a gelato on the way back and watched the world go by – it is like everyone goes out along the lakefront for their afternoon promenade. I am going to have to continue tomorrow as it’s almost midnight and we have a 6:30 wake-up call in the morning. Buonanotte!

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